Weissenborn Customer #11

Rob Badger
January 12, 2014
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Weissenborn Customer #11

Hi Guys!
I’ve had my Koa Style 2 for about a month now. I had been playing the old 30’s National Hollow necks for so long, I was at first a little taken aback by how mellow and quite this weissenborn is. I’ve played the weissenborn exclusively over my vintage national for the last month and the tone has opened up so much. It’s such a rich and complex tone that reminds me of some of the uber high end Bob Taylor guitars. It just sings and I feel such a deep connection to this instrument. I call it the “Soul Communicator”. I love it so much in fact that I just sold the vintage national to get one of your Style 4’s!!! I can’t say enough about what a joy your instruments are! The prices are so reasonable considering the level of detail you guys pay attention to on these instruments.To those of you who are thinking of getting one, grab one now while the wait time isn’t a year long. These dudes are about to blow the competition out of the water.Breath taking,