What Type and Gauge Strings do you use and how can I order?
We set up all of our weissenborns to the following Gauges: 15 17 26 36 46 56.We use John Pearse Phosphorous Bronze Strings. You can order direct from us..click here!

What tunings do you use?
You can use a variety of different tunings. Certain Gauge strings allow for better playability in specific tunings. Go to www.hsga.org/strings for Gauge to Tuning Ratios. There are also dozen’s of different tunings to choose from.

What woods do you use?
We primarily use ‘fallen’ Big Island Koa for the body’s of our instruments. It is beautiful and is known for its curl and variety of colors. It is a superior tonal wood, used specifically by Hermann Weissenborn for all his Steel Guitars. Our source of Koa is local and sustainable. For binding, fretboards, etc we also work with ebony, rosewood, padauk, bloodwood, mahogany, Spruce and other tonal woods.

What is the best method for Shipping?
We Provide Priority Express Shipping through USPS.

Does the guitar come with a case?
We provide a FREE custom hardcase for your guitar.

Who Plays the Weissenborn Guitar?
Some of the Bigger Artists that play the Weissenborn that have made the instrument return are Ben Harper, Bob Brozman, David Lindley, Jerry Douglas, Thomas Oliver, Xavier Rudd, David Gilmour, Ronnie Wood, Jeff Lang, Martin Harley, John Fahey, Greg Sardinha, Tavana, Robert Sands, etc.

What is the History of the Weissenborn Guitar and the Steel Guitar?
The Weissenborn Style Guitar was invented by Luthier Hermann Weissenborn in Los Angeles in the 1900’s. It was his take on the Steel Guitar that has its origins here in Hawai’i. He used Hawaiian Koa Wood for all of his instruments for its superior tone and quality. Check out www.hsga.com/history for all the history of the Steel Guitar and how its origins are traced back to Hawai’i. Become a member!