Weissenborn Customer #1

Frank Matheis
​Music writer, radio producer and publisher of www.thecountryblues.com
October 18, 2012
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Weissenborn Customer #1

Dear Iseman Guitars,

I received the new guitar today all the way from Hawaii in good condition and I love it! What an absolute gem of an instrument, both in aesthetics and sound. Herman Weissenborn would have been proud. The luthier’s craftsmanship is immaculate, simply a work of perfection. Clean and beautiful, with the stunning koa wood grain patterns, it is a naturally something exceptional to look at. The sound is awesome, with warm intonation and a rich, clear projection. A lovely sounding lap guitar. I am so happy. As you know, I have broken my finger and it will take me many months before I can ever make a regular left hand chord on my little Martin 0015M. This new guitar is amazing and the Martin is already getting jealous, because it is sitting there while I play the Iseman Weissenborn with the left hand sliding. I am real proud to have been you first buyer and it is great to get in on the ground floor of your new luthiershop. Judging by this instrument, you will be a great success and certainly these will be widely sought after gems. Tomorrow night I am meeting with Ed Gerhardt, one of the best Weissenborn players in the US, and I will show it to him. He plays about a million times better than me, but he is gracious and kind and surely will enjoy playing it.How cool is it to look inside the label and see that my serial number is Iseman 00002- Made In Hawaii.This guitar takes me back to the glory days of koa wood Hawaiian Weissenborns of the 1930s.Congratulations and thank you very much. I feel extraordinarily privileged and happy to own this wonderful instrument.