Ukulele Customer #2

Ken Pallman
Blues Sanctuary
April 16, 2015
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Ukulele Customer #2


Well my #88 Style 1 Tenor ukulele finally got here to Vermont from its Hawaiian birthplace at Iseman Guitars in Honolulu. Mark and Mathew did a spectacular job on this beautiful instrument!! The tones are complex, and richer than I had experienced previously playing a Koa uke..almost pre EQ’d…a true pleasure to play, the neck is shaped wonderfully, especially the curvature at the base of the headstock when playing on the lowest fret, the crook of your hand fits perfectly into the contour(at least mine does!)…..Sustain forever!!… The frets are very nicely done, the ends polished, absolutely no snags.. The fretboard is quite thick, leading me to believe the neck will be less apt to twist.. The oil and shellac finish on the body and neck is somewhat porous, not perfectly glassy, which I believe also attributes to its rich tone……Plugged it straight into the amp set flat and dry, without my preamp.. It was KILLER!! And no extraneous noise due to being a sound board applied passive pickup… I’d highly recommend the K&K Aloha Twin, especially for the price!!! This instrument has to be the best bang for the buck uke I’ve seen!! All completely hand made from milling the Grade 5A Curly Koa, to the Curly Maple Rosette, hand carving the neck, headstock, saddle and nut….these guys did it right and I’m ecstatic!!……..It’s well…. AWESOME!!!!! Thank you Mark and Matthew for the expert craftsmanship… Aloha!! Many Mahalo!!!