James is an American original, deeply committed to expressing stories of his life through the power of lyrics.  These songs are the offspring of his love of Folk Music, and the impact that inspiration has had on his focus to reflect the last two years of his journey.  He openly articulates that following repeated trial and error, he has found himself and is keenly aware that determination yielded a true sense of originality.  His surroundings, and life as a hometown boy from Worcester, MA has shaped him as a man.  The industrial economy, and its hard working local populace, have had an impact on his drive to leave it all out on the stage during every live performance, with his intent to  stage great concerts that inspire those in attendance to relate to the lyrics and emotion of the work.

James has been a touring artist for several years.  Following his appearance on season three of The Voice, he paused and committed diligence to reaching a place of realized vision.  Looking back on the experience he reflects, “When you are on a television singing show you get lost in the shuffle most times. I was not nearly as confident then as I am now, and although I knew what/who I wanted to be creatively, I did not know how to achieve those goals. The Voice moves so quickly. Looking back, it was only a quick moment. Over the last two years I have learned so much, not only about myself as an artist, but about the music business itself. I learned to make music that I respected and loved. You cannot go into recording an album thinking ‘will the public like this?’. That was always my mistake. I wanted to be like other artists instead of finding myself and being true to my own music. Looking forward in to the future, I can honestly share that I found the balance of the music of my heroes which include John Mayer, Coldplay, Dave Matthews, and my own music.  I am committed to staying true to myself, and if you aren’t happy with your music, than nobody else will be. I finally found myself, and this record reflects that.”

Product review:

“It is really hard to express how much I love my Iseman OM Koa acoustic. It is so effortless to play. At first touch it is very lightweight, and has a gorgeous shine and deep, dark, red swirls from the Koa. Mark and Matt have really outdone themselves on this instrument. It has a deep, rich tone that has been great for recording new material in the studio and for my live performances. This guitar has taken my shows to another level. I’m officially obsessed with my Iseman.” – Sam James