Robert Sands style 4 IMG_3149

Four time Emmy Award winning composer Robert Sands talks about his love of all things slide –

“I make my living scoring TV shows. Duck Dynasty, Pawn Stars, Moonshiners, Alaskan Bush People, Live Free or Die and many more. Lots of the shows are rural Southern ones and lately a bunch of shows shot in Alaska. Slide guitar really does a great job putting the viewer in those places. I use Dobro, electric lap steels as well as acoustic guitars with a nut raiser played on my lap. I started out as a keyboard player exclusively and maybe that’s why lap slide just feels right for me. Position of the hands are kind of like playing a keyboard. Weissenborns are also a big part of the sound that I shoot for with these types of shows. This is my second Iseman – a Style 4. What a monster instrument! As soon as you put that bar on those strings the machine just takes off with the deepest rich lows and crazy shimmering highs. Just an amazing experience playing my Iseman. Orchestra in my lap it is. I’m in my happy place for sure every time I pick up that ax.” – Robert Sands